Dancewear is something that most professional dancers prefer to wear on stage. That is why you see so many people wearing it while dancing, from Beyonce to the kids that dance at your local dance studio. There are many reasons as to why someone would want to wear dancewear, but the start of it is because wearing it is a lot more comfortable than other clothes. Typically, dancewear includes everything from leotards to shoes to leggings, and all of this is important when choosing the right dancewear for the situation.


Leotards are essential when looking for dancewear. The comfort and style that each leotard brings when you are dancing makes you really stand out in your dance team uniforms. There are many different types of leotards, and each one has a different purpose and fits different styles of music. Getting the right leotard the first time is a must, because they are not cheap. Be sure to check with your choreographer to see if you have picked out the correct leotard, as some manufacturers do not refund you for your incorrect purchase. Also, make sure to have different sets of leotards, as to not cause damage to the more important ones. You should always have a leotard to practice in that is separate from your on-stage leotard.


Tights are another thing that is essential to any dancer’s wardrobe. Tights are essentially the underwear of dancers, since most dancers do not wear actual underwear. Dancers typically do not wear underwear because the underwear will show by slipping through the sides of the leotard, and that just looks bad and the judges will deduct points for that. Much like how leotards have different styles for different scenarios, tights also have different styles. Much like any other kind of dancewear, it is recommended that you have a set of tights strictly for practice and a set of tights for performance. There are tons of different styles of tights that sometimes you do not know which style to get. If you have a choice, I recommend getting the ones that are tightest and feel the most comfortable, because those ones will stay out of your way while also allowing you to perform well.


Dance shoes are tricky when it comes to purchasing them. There are so many choices and so many styles of dancing that each shoe is designed for, that you simply cannot go into the store without having a purpose for the kind of shoe you are looking for. A common thing that some professional dancers do is to practice without wearing any shoes at all or wearing cheap and junky shoes then begin practicing in their performance shoes shortly before they are going to be getting on the stage. Again, much like other pieces of dancewear, you must check with your choreographer or dance instructor before you make a final purchase on the shoes that you are going to get, that way you do not waste any money on shoes that are only going to be used for one performance. It is also recommended that you have a set of practice shoes to make sure you don’t mess up your performance shoes.


There are obviously many more accessories for lyrical dance costumes as well as many other types of dancewear, but those are just accessories. What I talked about was the things that are needed in order for you to get started in dancing.